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It’s a Modern Frankenstein….

I am currently living the world of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein. It’s the first in a series of many books, and so far so…so so… There are certain aspects of it I really enjoy. It’s told from the perspective of many, … Continue reading

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We Are The Walking Dead

Originally posted on sharonholly:
The Walking Dead, poster by Drew Struzan In my last post, (Ramblings and the Return of the Procrastination Demon), I hinted that I may want to discuss what defines a monster in my next “Weekly” Creature…

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In Defense of Twilight

With Breaking Dawn Part 1 in theaters, and all the criticism of the Twilight Series rampant on the internet these days, I thought it was only fair to write a post in defense of Twilight. I will admit that the book … Continue reading

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Creature Feature: Being Human

“This doesn’t rob me of my humanity. It proves it.”~ George, werewolf,         “Being Human” I decided to kick off my “creature-feature” with a discussion on the BBC TV Series “Being Human”, because that is exactly what monster stories … Continue reading

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