Spring’s Practical Joke Not So Practical.

It’s that time of year….


Spring. You had us there for a minute. Sigh.


*Brilliant meme found via partial memory and Google Image search.

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Facebook Page for My Writer-Self

I obsessed over whether or not to start a “writer page” on Facebook for my writer-self. I know you’ve all been waiting for it, and by “all” I’m referring to you Mom, (just kidding, my mom doesn’t read this blog), so without further adieu, I present you with my Writer Page… Check it out, if you’re so inclined: facebook.com/sharonholly.writer

What’s it all about?

My Page features anything related to: creativity/imagination, the writing process, books, reading, fantasy and sci-fi fodder, pop culture, interesting tidbits, inspirational quotes, and of course there will be lil’ bits of info on my own work-in-progress to munch on.

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Frankenstein: Prodigal Son, Book Review


“People who were perfectly sane on Tuesday sometimes go nuts on Wednesday.”  – Dean Koontz, Prodigal Son


Well, thanks to coming down with a brutal cold the other day, and thanks to my dumb thinking that, hey, this would be a good time FrankensteinBook1to update to Windows 10, shouldn’t take that long (ha! it took the entire day AND night!), I had plenty of time to catch up on some reading, as I was sans-Netflix.

I finished the first of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein series, “Prodigal Son”. In my previous post about this modern-day telling of an infamous tale, I said it was only “so-so”.

I would like to take that back, mostly. I was only a couple of chapters in at the time, and it got much better, in my opinion.

There were times when I cringed at some of the cliches, especially concerning one of the main characters, Carson, and her little brother, Arnie, but for the most part, I just couldn’t put it down.

I am so excited to have started another book series that I am really into. I should note, this is my first book by Dean Koontz, and if nothing else, he definitely knows how to hold your attention. I guess I should thank Microsoft for forcing me to push through!

Next on my list is the second book in the series, City of Night.

Do you have a favourite book series?

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Shadowhunters Verdict: Nope


ABC Family’s “Shadowhunters” 

I recently watched the first two episodes of the new series, Shadowhunters on Netflix. Shadowhunters is based on the Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare.


City of Bones – first big dose of nope.

After the failure of the movie “City of Bones” (first attempt at adapting the books), I was hopeful they would get it right this time around, but it was a big dose of nope.

Shadowhunters is a bland, shallow, cringe-inducing mess; only “mess” is too daring a word for something so generic, so…pander-ific ™

And the dialogue. It kills me.

Tim Grierson from The Wrap says it best: “The series pilot is an eye-rolling collection of pseudo-hip gestures that seems calculated to cater to teens and tweens with all the forced cool of your dorky new stepdad wearing a backwards baseball cap.” It’s “the type of show in which every fist-bump and meme-referencing bit of dialogue feels market-researched and cynically dispensed.”

Oh. So. Sadly. True.

Have you watched ABC Family’s Shadowhunters?


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It’s a Modern Frankenstein….

pablo (1)

I am currently living the world of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein. It’s the first in a series of many books, and so far so…so so…

There are certain aspects of it I really enjoy. It’s told from the perspective of many, and I really enjoy reading it from the perspective of the “monster” Deucalion. I look forward to seeing where this series takes me!

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Free the Muse with Music –Tip for Writer’s Block

Great advice to be found in “Stomp Writer’s Block. Let Loose!”. Music often saves me. When you’re facing a writer’s block, this post suggests you let loose with some tunes—cynical neighbours and cats be damned.

“I pick a song that resonates with me in the moment. Something upbeat that excites me when I hear it.”

Oh…so many choices. Whatever will I pick?

“…I may even have dipped my toe into Michael Jackson’s Thriller album….”

I have definitely dipped my toe (maybe even a whole torso) into the Thriller album in order to get out of a funk.   

“I play the song LOUD. I sing to it, I dance to it, I imagine that I’m performing live at Carnegie Hall or the Hollywood Bowl. I make it big, and I totally let loose….The important part is that I allow myself to be unfiltered — unencumbered about what others might think of me — unconcerned about whether my neighbors think I’m nuts.”

When my next block hits (and I know it will) I will try this technique. I suspect it might have something to do with Billie Jean…

Music-4Here are my other posts related to music:

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and more Musical Inspiration Posts!

*Check out the whole post by Robyn on the Daily Post here: Stomp Writer’s Block. Let Loose!!

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Twitter News

Twitter-funny-cartoon-birds-imageI’m going Twitter-crazy. First, when I started my new job (almost a year ago!) I created a new work-related Twitter account to use for all things literacy-related (I’m a Literacy Facilitator) and to promote our programs.

Secondly, I changed my regular Twitter handle from the study of Dexter Morgan (@dextermorganism), to something a little more…um, grownup? My new Twitter handle for that account is @SharonH_Writes. Doesn’t that sound oh-so-serious compared to telling the world I identify with a fictional serial killer?? Jokes, people….seriously. (I would have loved to use @sharonholly but it’s taken by a squatter who signed up years ago without a single Tweet to his name 😦 )

Follow @SharonH_Writes

Lastly, my work has appointed me their resident “Twitter expert” and asked me to do a Lunch ‘n Learn Twitter tutorial. So in order to prepare, I felt I needed to create yet another account so I could have screenshots of the sign up process to use in my presentation. To make it relevant to my life, I made it related to my current work-in-progress “Last Leaf Falls”.

Follow @LastLeafFalls.

What do you think? Too much? Do you have more than one Twitter account for different aspects of your life, or do you just combine it all into one? Tell me in the comment section below!

*image found on Crazy Town

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Music as Writing Inspiration

What do you listen to for writing inspiration? Check out this goosebump-inducing mix, composed by Adrian von Ziegler:

Screenshot (9)

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Setting Inspiration for Work-in-progress

Last Leaf Falls

Autumn Chucks

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We Are The Walking Dead

I was just catching up on some Walking Dead (season 5) when Rick uttered 5 little words in Episode 10 that happened to be the title of this blog post I wrote in 2011: “We Are the Walking Dead”.

At the time, I had no idea that the character of Rick Grimes said these very words in an “iconic speech” in the comic book series (I haven’t read them, but it says so in this article by Wet Paint: http://ow.ly/JRaDh).

I loved the imagery of Rick’s group walking in the same lifeless manner as the zombies who were trailing not far behind. It was a very profound episode, and I can’t wait to see more!


The Walking Dead, poster by Drew Struzan

In my last post, (Ramblings and the Return of the Procrastination Demon), I hinted that I may want to discuss what defines a monster in my next “Weekly” Creature Feature. I’ve decided to do this through the utterly amazing AMC TV series “The Walking Dead“, based on the comic book series of the same name.

The Walking Dead follows a diverse group of individuals, lead by main character Rick Grimes, who have been thrown together in an effort to survive the zombie apocalypse. This series shows us what can happen when living outside of conventional societal norms. It capitalizes on conflict within the circle of survivors, using their choice of characters to add to the overall feeling of ominous tension, invoking the sense that things can go really wrong, really fast.

Living through a zombie apocalypse takes its toll. They…

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