Top 10 Soundtracks of a Childhood


I don’t usually like those “copy & paste” posts that go viral on Facebook, but there was one recently that I enjoyed. It asks you to list the top 10 (lol) favourite albums of your life, over 10 posts.

Since it was impossible for me to pick only 10, I’ve divided them into different life phases, and limited them to ones I’ve listened to obsessively throughout the years. Ladies and Gentlemen, the categories for nominations are…….:

Sounds of Childhood
The College Life and… 
My So-called Adulthood!

Today’s post is….

The sounds of childhood… 


Michael Jackson, Thriller



  1. Michael Jackson, Album: Thriller, 1982
  2. Lionel Richie, Album: Can’t Slow Down, 1983
  3. Whitney Houston, Album: Whitney, 1987
  4. Paula Abdul, Album: Forever Your Girl, 1988

…and teen years


Sun Jammin’

  1. Sun Jammin’, various artists, 1991
  2. Beauty & The Beast, Movie Soundtrack, 1991
  3. Soup Dragons, Album: Love God, 1990
  4. Much Dance Mix ’92, various artists, 1992
  5. R-9022898-1473507704-2731.jpeg


    TLC, Album: CrazySexyCool, 1994

  6. Eric Clapton, Album: Unplugged, 1992
  7. Stone Temple Pilots, Album: Core, 1992
  8. Blind Melon_cvr

    Blind Melon

    Blind Melon, Album: Blind Melon, 1993

  9. Radiohead, Album: Pablo Honey, 1993
  10. Dangerous Minds, Movie Soundtrack, various artists: 1995



Numerous Honourable Mentions:

  • Deep Forest, Album: Deep Forest, 1992
  • Greg Joy, Album: Celtic Secrets, 1993
  • Sophie B. Hawkins, Album: Tongues & Tails, 1992
  • Ugly Kid Joe, Album: America’s Least Wanted, 1992

Songs from Mary Poppins

  • Metallica, Album: Ride the Lightning, 1984
  • Metallica, Album: Metallica, 1991
  • Led Zeppelin, Album: Led Zeppelin, 1969
  • Mary Poppins, Movie Soundtrack, 1964






Yup. From TLC to Radiohead, and Metallica to Mary Poppins, music has been my constant companion.

What are some of your most memorable life soundtracks?


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