This is my Fight scene ♫ ♫

“Write a post in response to today’s one-word prompt”: FIGHT

I don’t always make good use of all the daily prompts available out there on the interwebs. But I came across this one and thought I’d use it to share a scene from my work-in-progress, Last Leaf Falls.

Note: Certain names have been changed to protect the identity of the fictional.

I forced my hands to unclench and tried to relax. “We suspected right. He is behind Dylan’s little coming-of-age ritual.”
Sophie zeroed in on me like a missile. “He forced it?”
“No. He said Dylan had a choice. That he chose power over being pathetic or something.” I left out the whole “he did it for me” part. I leaned back in my chair, balancing on the back legs. “I followed him and we ended up at the cemetery. I tried for more info, but he wasn’t playing fair.”
“So there was a fight?”
“No. He cheated at Gin Rummy and then we sat down for tea.”
“So yes then.”
“There may have been a bit of a brouhaha, if you will.”
Sophie sighed. “Malaya, be serious.”
“Oh seriously. We had a little scuffle. A kerfuffle. A tussle-”
“Mm, yes, funny girl. Were you hurt?”
 “Only my feelings.” I pictured Emyr’s bloody face. “Seriously Sophie, it was no big deal.”
 “You say he went to the old cemetery? What did he do there?”
I let my chair legs drop back to the floor. “Nothing.”

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