Growing Readers from the Roots

Reading Roots 

– A Barefoot Business by Sharon


As a literacy advocate I was interested in the company Barefoot Books, (an indie children’s book publisher that started in the UK). The more I read about it, the more excited I got, and recently, I became an “Independent Barefoot Books Ambassador”!

What does that mean? It means I get to sell awesome kids’ books with beautiful illustrations, story & music CDs, puzzles, puppets and other educational toys, all geared to help parents & educators “grow readers from the roots”!

How can I buy books?

  1. Browse my online catalogue here.  
  2. Contact me to place an order:
    1. Write me on Facebook using Facebook chat or by writing on my wall:
    2. Email me at

How can I get free stuff?

  1. Contact me for information on hosting a Barefoot event. Events include:
    1. Themed parties
    2. Children’s literacy workshops
    3. Fundraisers for your favourite charity

From time to time, I will post information about some of my favourite books and events that come up. So far, my favourite book (that arrived in my starter kit) is “I Took the Moon for a Walk”, by Carolyn Curtis and Alison Jay. The illustrations are vibrant, and the language is very lyrical and rhythmic.

13415652_250155385359252_4592440729640185132_o“We tiptoed through grass where the night crawlers creep,
When the rust-bellied robins have all gone to sleep,
And the moon called the dew so the grass seemed to weep,
When I took the Moon for a walk.”

Do you have a favourite picture book to share?


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