Shadowhunters Verdict: Nope


ABC Family’s “Shadowhunters” 

I recently watched the first two episodes of the new series, Shadowhunters on Netflix. Shadowhunters is based on the Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare.


City of Bones – first big dose of nope.

After the failure of the movie “City of Bones” (first attempt at adapting the books), I was hopeful they would get it right this time around, but it was a big dose of nope.

Shadowhunters is a bland, shallow, cringe-inducing mess; only “mess” is too daring a word for something so generic, so…pander-ific ™

And the dialogue. It kills me.

Tim Grierson from The Wrap says it best: “The series pilot is an eye-rolling collection of pseudo-hip gestures that seems calculated to cater to teens and tweens with all the forced cool of your dorky new stepdad wearing a backwards baseball cap.” It’s “the type of show in which every fist-bump and meme-referencing bit of dialogue feels market-researched and cynically dispensed.”

Oh. So. Sadly. True.

Have you watched ABC Family’s Shadowhunters?


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