Free the Muse with Music –Tip for Writer’s Block

Great advice to be found in “Stomp Writer’s Block. Let Loose!”. Music often saves me. When you’re facing a writer’s block, this post suggests you let loose with some tunes—cynical neighbours and cats be damned.

“I pick a song that resonates with me in the moment. Something upbeat that excites me when I hear it.”

Oh…so many choices. Whatever will I pick?

“…I may even have dipped my toe into Michael Jackson’s Thriller album….”

I have definitely dipped my toe (maybe even a whole torso) into the Thriller album in order to get out of a funk.   

“I play the song LOUD. I sing to it, I dance to it, I imagine that I’m performing live at Carnegie Hall or the Hollywood Bowl. I make it big, and I totally let loose….The important part is that I allow myself to be unfiltered — unencumbered about what others might think of me — unconcerned about whether my neighbors think I’m nuts.”

When my next block hits (and I know it will) I will try this technique. I suspect it might have something to do with Billie Jean…

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*Check out the whole post by Robyn on the Daily Post here: Stomp Writer’s Block. Let Loose!!

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