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Twitter-funny-cartoon-birds-imageI’m going Twitter-crazy. First, when I started my new job (almost a year ago!) I created a new work-related Twitter account to use for all things literacy-related (I’m a Literacy Facilitator) and to promote our programs.

Secondly, I changed my regular Twitter handle from the study of Dexter Morgan (@dextermorganism), to something a little more…um, grownup? My new Twitter handle for that account is @SharonH_Writes. Doesn’t that sound oh-so-serious compared to telling the world I identify with a fictional serial killer?? Jokes, people….seriously. (I would have loved to use @sharonholly but it’s taken by a squatter who signed up years ago without a single Tweet to his name 😦 )

Follow @SharonH_Writes

Lastly, my work has appointed me their resident “Twitter expert” and asked me to do a Lunch ‘n Learn Twitter tutorial. So in order to prepare, I felt I needed to create yet another account so I could have screenshots of the sign up process to use in my presentation. To make it relevant to my life, I made it related to my current work-in-progress “Last Leaf Falls”.

Follow @LastLeafFalls.

What do you think? Too much? Do you have more than one Twitter account for different aspects of your life, or do you just combine it all into one? Tell me in the comment section below!

*image found on Crazy Town


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