It’s cold here in the writer’s closet…

I realize I haven’t been posting lately. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been very creative of late. But what I have been doing is revising my novel. (And watching too many episodes of Gilmore Girls, yay Netflix. Evil, evil Netflix. And damn you Rory and Lorelai for being so witty.)tumblr_meqeajmyz81qhm9xuo5_r3_500

NaNoWriMo is here, and I decided to join, but on my own terms. Last year, I joined for the first time, and started a new project, and while I still have that project on my mind, (a novel called As Above, So Below), it’s been on the back-burner ever since the end of November last year. So this time I decided I would use NaNo as a way to motivate the editing I’ve been doing. I haven’t been to a “write-in” yet though. Did I mention it’s cold here? Very cold. Being officially winter and everything, if I don’t have to leave the comfort of my little writing cave, I probably won’t.

Anyway, just wanted to peek my head into the Writer’s Closet for a moment to say “hello”, and “why the heck are you in a closet”? And also to leave you with this beautiful and haunting song by Aqualung and Lisa Schwartz. I’m putting it here as a tribute to my work-in-progress, Last Leaf Falls. Enjoy!


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