Want More Conflict in Your Novel? Go DM & Balance the Party

Love this post.

Kinda wishing I had played D&D in high school. But it’s never to late to start, right?

My main character aligns with Neutral Good but this post has left me wondering how that might change over time as she’s so young. My villain is Neutral Evil, with a side of Lawful.

I’m going to spend some time thinking about where my other characters fit into this 🙂

Check it out!

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Recently, I’ve added homeschooling The Spawn to the list of what I already do. Blog, write books, teach, run two small businesses and keeping a house clean, the yard mowed, and my family fed. As an introvert who works from home, it’s easy to realize you no longer leave the house and are talking to yourself way more than is healthy. Thus, I’ve been on a mission to break some patterns and do what might scare me (talking to other people in person).

Btw, writers don’t count.

Welcome to Nerd Land

In the spirit of this “Doing Stuff Differently” I joined some friends for a monthly game of Dungeons and Dragons, and took Hubby as a hostage teammate. I hadn’t played D&D since I was in high school so there is a learning curve. But one thing that struck me is how being an author had changed my perspective. The…

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3 Responses to Want More Conflict in Your Novel? Go DM & Balance the Party

  1. I’m working on a near total overhaul of my WIP and I realized I’d been much to nice to my protag. Reasonably happy family. Mild inner demons. And so on. So I’ve started messing the poor girl’s life up (hopefully, in a way that meshes with the story). I’ve intensified her inner demons, put her family on the verge of collapse, strengthened her bonds with the villain (so having to defeat him will be that much harder) and sent her allies with uncertain loyalties. So, while I’m not really shifting her away from “good,” I’m complicating things for her so she’ll have to overcome that much more when the time comes to get her hero on.

    And, of course, I think it’s important to give the villain something that makes him sympathetic without muddying the fact that he is the villain. I’m not a big fan of the idea that there are no real villains. A horrific childhood doesn’t give anyone the right to tear the world apart. Know what I mean? But, I like villains that do tug at my heart some. Makes them that much more interesting, makes me hope for a redemption arc and makes their defeat that much harder.

    Best of luck on your revisions!


    • sharonholly says:

      Your poor protagonist! Do you ever feel just a little bit guilty for screwing with them so much? I know I do. At some point, I had the same realization as you, about the overall story. I was being too nice. It was like I just could not bring myself to bring on the necessary death and destruction. Broke my heart it did. But, that is the price you pay for playing God of a fictional universe.

      Good luck in your own revisions!


      • I do actually feel a little guilty sometimes. 😀 I’m trying to be more hard-nosed about it though. Like George R. R. Martin…well, almost. I’ll try not to kill off my protags.


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