Homemade Fresh Salsa with Bacon-wrapped Avocado & Kettle-style Tortilla Chips – A Foodie Post!


Foodie Goodness

I was not planning to pull a foodie on here (so the presentation could be better) but today I made homemade, fresh salsa (while listening to some awesome salsa music) and it was kind of amazing. It’s been a while since I made it; I had forgotten how much I love it.

Also looked at my fridge and decided I would have it with bacon-wrapped avocado. Soo good. I want more.

My salsa:

Cherry tomatoes
Fresh cilantro
Fresh basil
Fresh garlic cloves
Cap full of white vinegar
Dash of hot sauce
Rock salt
Black Pepper
Celery salt

Feeling grateful for the abundance of tasty, fresh food available, for the local farmer’s market and the most heavenly avocado I’ve had in a while. Seriously. I’m not one to enjoy just eating chunks of avocado (I usually make guacamole with it, or stick it in a sandwich) but this avocado was delicious as is, with only just a sprinkling of salt. There wasn’t even a need for that tasty bacon, though that was good too!)

What are your favourite summertime foods?


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