Giving Thanks for Mindy

Today I am thankful for the neverending stream of mindless and mindful entertainment coming from the Interwebedness of Joy.

After a much-too-long hiatus, Dr. L is back in my life, giving me a little bit of Mindy-Goodness and much-appreciated bouts of giggles.

Mindy-Goodness on the Interwebedness of Joy

Mindy-Goodness on the Interwebedness of Joy


Seriously. She rocks.







If you haven’t checked out The Mindy Project yet, you should. It’s like living in a world with lakes of Skittles and fountains of spicy Caesars loaded with extra pickled beans. It’s just that good. (Except, strangely enough, for those episodes with James Franco. Man, that guy is everywhere.)


*This is part of a series I started with this post, (click on the link), on April 7th. You’ll find them all under a sub-category of “Points of Light and Everyday Life”—or by heading to the very bottom of my blog where the tags live happily in alphabetical order—and looking for “The Gratitude Files” tag.  

*Awesome .GIF found via Google Image Search on this site:, where their tagline is: “We’re skinny bitches with cute boys, killer heels, dream apartments and size zero waists. Well, we’re in the process of it all.” 


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