Ridiculous Internet Quizzes, Auras and The Gratitude Files

Today in The Gratitude Files

Aura_color2I am thankful for those ridiculous internet quizzes that are only not-ridiculous if I happen to agree with the outcome. Today’s internet quiz comes from Quiz Social: What Colour is Your Aura?

And here are my results:

You got: Blue Aura

Your aura is blue. You are sensitive and intuitive, sometimes sensing big events before they happen. Peaceful situations and settings make you happiest, and you often avoid confrontation just to keep things copacetic. You are a master of taking the high road. People with blue auras tend to be spiritual, calm, and generous.

I think this is true, not-so-ridiculous-quiz.

Have you found any not-so-ridiculous Ridiculous Internet Quizzes of late?

*This is part of a series I started with this post, (click on the link), on April 7th. You’ll find them all under a sub-category of “Points of Light and Everyday Life”—or by heading to the very bottom of my blog where the tags live happily in alphabetical order—and looking for “The Gratitude Files” tag.  


*Picture found via Google Image search on this page: http://anybodythere.net/cgi-bin/paranormal-forums/YaBB.pl?num=1293761808

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2 Responses to Ridiculous Internet Quizzes, Auras and The Gratitude Files

  1. Harliqueen says:

    I used to love doing these types of quizzes, gonna have to check them out now for a bit of morning fun 😀

    Great post!


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