Hell, Handbaskets and The Moment of Truth – Today’s Edition of The Gratitude Files

Now that spring is here, I seem to be (hope to be) recovering from the endless inertia of winter. For many, myself included, that means getting back into a healthier routine. When winter arrived, I started out with ambition: I would not let the cold and snow and lack of sun suck the life out of me this time. I would keep trying new things. Stay active. Stay motivated.

I’m sure you can guess how it ends. I think it was after Christmas when it all went to Hell in a handbasket. Actually, scratch that. I’m not fond of that expression. What the heck is hell-hand-basket“Hell in a handbasket” supposed to mean? There’s nothing particularly reckless about a handbasket. Why and how would one careen crazily towards Hell in one? I much prefer my own.

Let’s start again.

I think it was after Christmas when it all went to Hell on a Crazy Carpet of death. January brought with it the feeling that winter would never end, and this continued until…well, now.


Crazy Carpet of Death

There’s still way too much snow and ice on the ground if you ask me.  But, spring is definitely here. Birds really are chirping, and the snow that’s left is melting (I can tell by the giant pool of water gathering in the parking lots).

And with spring comes a renewed sense of purpose, hope for the future, and….karate?

Let me explain. It’s simple really. I was smoking crack one day, and perusing Groupon, as us crack-smokers* are wont to do, when I came across an intriguing voucher: one that combines the ass-kicking qualities of karate with the serene and peaceful practice of yoga. So I thought: “Hey, what the heck, I should do karate. I watched Karate Kid. In fact, I watched all three, and the underwhelming Next Karate Kid starring Hillary Swank! Surely I could learn to be some kind of karate-yoga star. Right? (Just nod politely…)

Karate Star

Karate Star

So, I am officially attending Karatoga-Yogate™ classes, and so far all I have to show for it are some aching hamstrings.

Despite this, the whole point of this little story is to say that I am grateful for this new adventure, (despite the inevitable humiliation). I am grateful for new experiences, especially ones that send me on a quest for The Moment of Truth. 😉

And here it is, The Moment of Truth, in all its 80s glory! Enjoy…


Karatoga-Yogate™ is a registered trademark of M. Gould 😉

*This is part of a series I started with this post, (click on the link), on April 7th. You’ll find them all under a sub-category of “Points of Light and Everyday Life”—or by heading to the very bottom of my blog where the tags live happily in alphabetical order—and looking for “The Gratitude Files” tag.  

*Fun with Disclaimers! The reference to smoking crack was for humour purposes only, obviously. In no way does this blog endorse the use of smoking crack (or perusing Groupon for that matter). 🙂
Crazy Carpet photo can be found at: http://www.lonepinephoto.ca/gallery/PEOPLE/image/502/CHILDREN_ON_CRAZY_CARPETS_WARMAN

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