Succumbing to NaNoWriMo Madness

nanowrimo_thumbSo it’s been 21 days since I enthusiastically proclaimed on Facebook that I was joining NaNoWriMo! What’s 50,000 words in a month right??

Okay, I didn’t go into this completely naive. I knew it was a long shot. Apparently a lot of people prepare for National Novel Writing Month for quite a while in advance. They come up with an idea, they do the necessary research, they make an outline, and come November 1st they’re ready to write! Sounds amazing. I didn’t do this.

For the past few years I just kind of ignored the hype around NaNoWriMo. I had my own projects to worry about, I didn’t need the added pressure of finishing a new first draft in one month. But here’s the thing. I’ve been working on that Other Project for a loong, loooong time. It’s been pandering about in my mind for five years now. So I decided it was time to shelve it and start something new, at least for the time being, and NaNoWriMo seemed like a good way to do this. I remain committed to my first ugly baby, Last Leaf Falls, but maybe working on something fresh is what I need to feel creative again. Because I haven’t been feeling it. Which in theory I know is a big fat lie because we are all born with the power to be creative. It’s innate to being human. So where does it hide on those dark days when the ideas have to be dragged out of your head kicking and screaming?

Haven’t a clue.

All I can do is continue to try. And the one thing I’ve always turned to to make things right, whatever the dilemma may be, is music. 

I’ve been amassing a collection of songs to help me feel the theme and tone of my novel, which is called As Above, So Below. The list is constantly growing and getting trimmed back, but three songs have emerged as what I call the theme songs for my new work-in-progress. Have a listen 🙂

It’s a Fire by Portishead

The Nobodies by Marilyn Manson

Metamorphosis by Philip Glass

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