How Much Do Cats Actually Kill?

Cats. Evil and Hilarious.

Cats. Evil and Hilarious.

A surprisingly graphic but hilarious info-graphic about those evil cats:

How Much Do Cats Actually Kill? (The Oatmeal – click on the link!)

evil-cat (1)Though I find cats as vastly entertaining as the next cat-video-addict, I’ve never really had a cat of my own, unless you count Socks the Mysterious Tomcat—a beauty of a cat we kept when I was a kid. (I think more accurately it was Socks who kept us as pets though. He just kinda came and went as he pleased, living the life of a transient bachelor with the perks of returning to be fed and loved when convenient…)

This is how I remember Socks the Mysterious Tomcat.

This is how I remember Socks the Mysterious Tomcat.

As I peer into the rain covered window of my mind, Socks the Mysterious Tomcat is blurred and quickly fading from sight. But he still manages to make me smile, despite his homicidal tendencies.

Just remember kids, when cats aren’t cuddling you, they’re silently plotting to commit murder 🙂



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