Surrender to Spring

The guards at the crossroads are standing strong.Those valiant soldiers of Winter will not rescind their power, will not give up their hold over this land.

Spring awaits patiently for her turn to reign, if only for a short while. She knows that Time will not fail her.

As certain as the Sun must rise, Death must release its grip and allow for Life. For the magic of growth.

We’ve been sleeping for what seems like an eternity, but now it’s time to wake up, to rub the sleep from our eyes and throw off the covers.

There is so much to see.

Do you hear that WINTER? It’s over. You’re done. You do this to us every year. You lull us into thinking that you’ve surrendered. That SPRING can finally come back to us. And then right when we’re least expecting it-BAM-you hit us with MORE SNOWSigh.

The Powers That Be are predicting 20 cm of the evil white stuff this weekend. Having woken up to a generous dump of it this morning, I think this will be a weekend of tea-drinking, book-reading, book-writing Indoorness.


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