This Is a Test

“Property is theft, young Arthur cried, while chopping off a toe. It had the most amazing voice. They didn’t think much of that.”

 {Random Silliness brought to you by The Mother Goose Random Rhymer}

This, is a test, as you may have already deduced by using your super human powers of…deduction, and by reading the title of this post.

I recently upgraded my phone for the first time ever. The switch from a Blackberry to a Samsung Galaxy has been an interesting transition, not without its difficulties.

The biggest adjustment has been trying to adapt to the ever-so-popular touch screen. I have to say I dearly miss my Blackberry keyboard. Why oh why can’t they make a phone with both a touch screen and a pull out keyboard?

I miss the tangible experience of touching an actual button that makes an actual audible “click”. I’m talking an authentically mechanical noise, not this simulated crap coming from my phone now as I noiselessly Swype at the letters on the screen.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, this is a test!

It’s a test because I downloaded the WordPress app on my phone so that I can, you know, post on the go or whatever, cause I’m prolific like that (insert maniacal laughter here).

So here I am, testing it out, blogging from my phone, not so much on the go as say…lying in bed, lazily exploring Android apps…

So far so good, I think. The true test will be whether having this handy tool at my disposal will magically cause me to, I dunno…WRITE MORE!

Update: After clicking “Save”, I couldn’t find my draft anywhere using the mobile site, making me think it was lost. But, as it turns out, it did save, so…

I give the app 4 feral monkeys out of 5! 


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