The Procrastination Demon

I procrastinate. I am ridiculously good at it. If there were classes to be taught on the art of procrastination, or if people were interested in a “How to Procrastinate” book, I would be on that like mold on a 3-week old loaf of bread, sitting alone and forgotten about in a bread-box, because with that little wooden door closed it’s really difficult to remember.

Procrastination is how I cope, or not cope, with life, and is exactly why I have not posted since Dec 13th. Okay, it’s true, I was deathly ill, and it’s true that I was then uber busy preparing for Christmas, taking the bus-ride-from-Hell to my home-town, visiting friends and family while there, and then taking another bus-ride-from-Hell back here. But, I could have made time. I could have posted something.


Although I did not post anything for my own blog, I did do some reading on the subject for motivation. And I decided something after reading this post by Kristen Lamb. It didn’t take long to realize that if I focused entirely on me and my “writing process”, I was going to run out of things to say. So, I’m going to divide my blog posts into three categories, and one of those categories will be a periodically changing theme, somewhat related to my writing. And since my writing is real-world fantasy-type stuff, dealing with demons and other creepy creatures that go bump in the night, I will first devote one post a week to all things dark and demonic – a weekly creature-feature of sorts.

There. I’ve committed. No more procrastination. Unless, of course, something uber important comes up. Like a Buffy-marathon.

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