Out of The Writer’s Book Closet and Into the Real World, Sort Of

So here I am. I got as far as signing up for a new blog, figured out my name, and my little tag line, chose a template, added widgets, and now…I’m stuck. I have no idea how to start this thing. I mean, how much can I say about my writing process? It was a good idea in theory, right?

This non-anonymous blogging thing is surprisingly difficult. I suppose I’m nervous.  It’s like I”m back at grade school, preparing a presentation for my class. But, without the racing heartbeat and compulsion to puke.

I want to blog about my writing. I want to come out of the writer’s book closet, because up until now, there’s only a handful of people who I have told about my book writing adventure. Over time, I’ve bashfully admitted to more and more people, that I have a “little hobby”. I try to downplay it as much as possible in order to hide its importance to me. In order to hide the fact that I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a child. That I actually am writing a book, and it’s a fantasy novel. That yes, once I am finished, I will try to have it published.

And why do I want to hide these facts? Because I feel embarrassed. Embarrassed for thinking it’s even a possibility. Embarrassed for being a cliché, for being one out of a billion people who wants to be a writer. Embarrassed for having something I still daydream about. Embarrassed that I’m still a completely lost soul.

Coming out of the writer’s book closet means exposing myself, letting people in, showing them who I am. And that scares me to death.

And that is why I have to do it.

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2 Responses to Out of The Writer’s Book Closet and Into the Real World, Sort Of

  1. Stacey says:

    Last week I met another artist who is terrified of letting people into her own personal artistic realm. I can’t help but compare the two of you with your creative passion. Someone made a comment to this woman saying when you look at, or in your case read, your artwork…people may have a reflection of themselves. There is a gigantic opportunity for you to reach out to people who need to read your work. There are people who will compare it to their own lives and see themselves.

    My children have found me…….they’re crawling all over me! Gah! Will finish when they’re in bed…


  2. sharonholly says:

    Thanks for your support Stacey. It’s strange, I kind of feel like a load has been lifted. Like I was keeping some dirty secret that’s finally out in the open! Maybe next time, I’ll be brave enough to post some of that bad high school poetry. Wouldn’t that be something? Care to contribute??


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